Best Raspberry Pi 3 Projects to try for yourself

Technology in the modern world has changed, mainly because new inventions are being introduced in the market every day. The computing industry, for example, is far much ahead, with new ideas flooding the market in more cheaper and simpler designs with their primary goal being to assist you with daily tasks. The Raspberry Pi is a good example of the recent invention in the industry. These tiny computers are an RM-based credit card sized and single board initially developed in the United Kingdom to aid teaching basic computer science in schools.

They operate on Linux operating system and have ports of many different OS’es. With the announcement of the release of the latest version Raspberry Pi 3, it is a gadget that you should at least acquire. The new version comes loaded with a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 1 GB Ram and a 64bit processor and this enables it to carry out different tasks easily. Now, let me take you through some of the best Raspberry Pi 3 projects that people have done on their Pi’s to make use of them or help to improve them.

Raspberry Pi Casing

Self-made Raspberry Pi Casing

1. Build a casing.

Coming up with the perfect housing for your Pi has become like a dream hard to achieve. By now, possibly every usable material on earth has been used to try to figure out the perfect shelter for your tiny computer ranging from wood, cardboard and much more. In other situations, some games casings and even cartridges have been modified to provide housing for your Pi. The best and simpler project you should try out while making housing for your Pi is usually to print the punnet case pdf on an A4 hard page, and it can work best. More here.


2. Turn your old TV set into a smart TV.


Self-made mediacenter with the help of the Raspberry Pi

You understand how boring it can get by watching same TV programs repeatedly, and that’s why the TV industry came to your rescue with the Smart TV which allows you to browse from the TV and even get to stream world channels, the latest music, and movies at a small fee. But, what if you aren’t in a position to own one? With your Raspberry Pi, turning your dumb TV into a smart one is a piece of cake. You just have to connect them and make some few settings, and it will enable carrying out some little computer functionality. With that, you can easily access the internet.

3. Wireless network printing.

The printing industry has changed, with the introduction of printers that can print over the internet which has turned tasks easier as you now don’t require the cable connections to carry out printing. But what happens, if our home printer isn’t digital? You don’t need to worry. Turning it digital using your Raspberry Pi 3 is a project that you should try out. You just need a power source for both and a USB to connect both, and then add the printer to your gadget. With that connection in place, you can now print from any system over the internet.

4. Create an audio player.

Music is said to have the power to manage your stress. Therefore having that great and favorite audio playlist is what we all need. Did you know that using Raspberry Pi you can have an audio player? You are just required to install Rune Audio or Volumio on your gadget from where you can create a box for audio streaming and then add a USB on it, and you will have an audiophile grade player that can easily get controlled from the smartphone. This application can assist you to access even music services like Mixx crate and get to listen to cool music.

5. Block Ads from the internet.

You understand how annoying it feels when you are browsing through the website; then unnecessary ads keep popping out from nowhere and clog the websites. Here is another project that you can try carrying out with your new Raspberry Pi 3. Did you know that using it you can stop the ads from clogging your screen? ou are just required to create a Pi-Hole, which will help block ads from thousands of domains. It is usually created by typing a few lines into a Raspberry Pi 3 and then changing some setting on your router.

6. Create a Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

Raspberry Pi WLAN repeater

WLAN repeater – realized with the Raspberry Pi

In the modern world, the internet is becoming a necessity and one relied upon the resource. The Raspberry Pi 3 has Wi-Fi that you can use to create an extended and reliable Wi-Fi hotspot that can work around your home. You just need to follow a few configuring steps to carry out the activation.
photo credit: Pi Bling via photopin (license)


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